SecuX XSEED Pro Weatherproof Recovery Seed Backup Tool With Engraver Pen Launch

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The latest launch from The Crypto Merchant sees an expansion of its collection of robust yet user-friendly backup tools for DeFi traders and investors. With millions of dollars of digital currency lost every year due to misplaced or forgotten seed phrases and passwords, the SecuX XSEED Pro offers customers a foolproof way to ensure their assets remain accessible.

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The announcement details the store’s expedited delivery service for all orders placed through the web store. The Crypto Merchant’s high-end inventory – from major players in the crypto accessories sector – is stored at and shipped from its secure, temperature-controlled warehouse, ensuring all stock reaches customers in factory condition. The company enjoys long-established partnerships with brands such as SecuX which means the store can offer cutting-edge products at lower rates than its competitors.

The SecuX XSEED Pro enables users to engrave or stamp their seed phrases and recovery passwords onto steel plates. These plates are virtually indestructible and offer fireproof, waterproof, and impact-proof performance. Storing seed phrases online leaves crypto holders more vulnerable to hackers, and hard drives can fail. The XSEED Pro eliminates these problems through its robust design and offline functionality.

The product comes with one industrial-grade aluminum sheet, three stainless steel plates, an engraving pen, one steel punch lettering set, a bespoke card holder, and tamper-proof stickers.

The XSEED Pro is compatible with both hardware and software wallets while its storage capacity allows for eight wallets with backup sets of 12 recovery words or four wallets and backup sets of 24 recovery words.

About The Crypto Merchant

The company was established by a group of New York City-based early crypto adopters, coders, miners, and investors. Since its inception in 2017, the store has grown to become a leading supplier of cryptocurrency accessories, offering complimentary shipping on all orders within the US.

A spokesperson says, “Our company was built to help you stay informed and secure while investing in this exciting new asset class. Our mission is to help you secure your future by achieving financial sovereignty and building wealth.”

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