Reisterstown, MD Birth Injury Medical Malpractice Attorney, No-Win No-Fee Update

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Now offering a no-win, no-fee policy for its representation in medical malpractice cases, the MD Injury Guys can help those affected by trauma that occurred during the delivery of a newborn seek financial restitution.

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The firm is currently urging those who believe their child was harmed due to medical negligence to contact the attorneys as soon as they become aware of the injury. Timing is particularly important in these cases since the statute of limitations for birth injury-related medical malpractice is only three years from the date of discovery in the state of Maryland.

By scheduling a no-obligation consultation with the firm as soon as possible after the injury is discovered, the medical malpractice lawyers can begin a prompt and thorough investigation of the evidence and pursue the optimal outcome for the victim. They will compile the expert testimonies, witness statements, and medical records needed to attribute liability in a birth injury claim.

This involves collecting evidence showing that the negligence or inaction of a healthcare practitioner or provider caused or worsened a difficult birth, causing stress and physical trauma to the mother and baby, explains the firm.

MD Injury Guys has experience litigating medical malpractice cases related to breech or transverse birth positions, as well as induced labor, fetal infections, and low heart rates. In these instances, a doctor or nurse’s failure to respond appropriately or promptly can result in permanent injuries for the victims.

By helping them file claims against those responsible, the lawyers can enable medical malpractice plaintiffs to recuperate the cost of corrective surgeries and ongoing care, as well as for non-financial damages, such as emotional suffering.

A spokesperson for the company said, “The experienced birth injury lawyers at MD Injury Guys deal with a variety of questions such as what sort of care should have been provided by the hospital and if a lawsuit should be pursued.”

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