Insurtech Startup Mentorship Program For Aspiring Tech Entrepreneurs Announced

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IdeaPros, a business education provider, has announced support to aspiring tech founders looking to enter the growing insurtech space, offering training and product development assistance. The company has also released a number of online courses designed for those who prefer to self-study at their own pace.

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“What we’re offering is a means to obtain business education that does not involve spending years in a university and thousands of dollars in tuition,” a company spokesperson said. “With IdeaPros, you can get the knowledge you need to succeed in insurtech or any other industry for as little as $299.”

IdeaPros’ Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur course, which retails for $299, teaches a step-by-step approach to starting a new venture. This approach was developed and utilized by the company’s founder, Frederick Cary, who has founded and exited a number of multi-million dollar firms, some of which were taken public.

Mr. Cary’s course differs in that he teaches fundamental business concepts with practical skills he deems every successful entrepreneur should possess, such as goal-setting, leveraging competition, and knowing how to create micro-victories.

Another differentiating aspect of the course is the live mentoring portion, which allows course takers to brainstorm with one of IdeaPros’ seasoned mentors. These no-holds-barred sessions can be used to validate a business idea or consult a subject matter expert about an existing issue, such as the lack of funding or investor interest.

IdeaPros can also be involved further through a partnership agreement, which can be formed after passing the company’s rigorous pitching process. To date, over 350 partners have launched ventures with the company’s involvement.

Insurtech, which refers to a tech segment dedicated to improving the insurance industry, continues its upward trajectory, with market research firms predicting double-digit growth in this decade.

“We’re always on the lookout for the brightest innovators in a particular field, and Insurtech is no exception,” the company representative said. “If you think you have what it takes to create the next industry-defining app or service, we’d be happy to accompany you and ensure your success.”

To learn more, interested parties are advised to watch a free webinar introducing the company’s offerings at

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