Financial Literacy For Working Parents: Remote Personal Finance Course Launched

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The company’s newly updated financial literacy course uses a membership-based model so parents can subscribe and use the various training modules to meet their individual needs. This self-paced course focuses on teaching parents how to start building generational wealth for their families and advocating for their own fiscal security.

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This course launch coincides with an unprecedented rate of people changing career paths and working styles, with more people shifting to remote work than ever before. Increase Your Income provides parents who wish to work from home to spend more time with their children, the education needed to help make the transition and build multiple income streams.

For working-class people who were not born into families with previously established generational wealth, it can be incredibly difficult to attain financial freedom. Working just to pay the bills can become a way of life, making the idea of increasing their income and savings feel impossible. Working-class people are less likely to ask for pay raises or look for better-paying jobs simply because they don’t have the confidence to do so, explains Invested Mom.

The course addresses these issues by teaching students how to professionally negotiate a pay raise with confidence – and empowering parents to develop multiple income streams to supplement their paycheck, start investing to build savings, and reduce debt to increase financial freedom.

? About Invested Mom ?

Invested Mom was created by Inge, originally from Cape Town, South Africa, and currently living and working in Canada. Her specialized financial literacy course, “Increase Your Income”, was designed to help uplift those individuals interested in leveling up their financial understanding. Having figured out how to use investing practices to become debt-free and start building generational wealth for her family, Inge decided to use her knowledge and skills to advocate for others, especially working mothers.

“You can learn how to become an incredibly successful investor without the fancy degree from Harvard. You just need to be willing to invest in yourself,” says Invested Mom CEO. “Understanding the relationship between risk and reward is key to making informed investment decisions that align with your financial goals and risk tolerance.”

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