Hearing Solution Centers, Audiology in Tulsa Specialists, Adopt Cognivue Screening Tool to Improve its Services in Oklahoma

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Tulsa, OK – Like most body functions, hearing is one capability many people take for granted until it is impeded or, even worse, lost. Besides robbing patients of their ability to hear, such hearing impairments can have severe negative impacts on their social lives and, therefore, reduce the quality of their lives in general. This is not to mention that they may be signs of more serious underlying medical issues such as cognitive decline. As a result, it is crucial to address any tell-tale signs of hearing impairments, no matter how seemingly trivial, with the requisite urgency. The residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma, will be happy to know that Hearing Solution Centers provide evidence-based hearing evaluation services fast and hassle-free.

Audiological assessments have come a long way, with new, revolutionary technologies being unveiled with unprecedented frequency. To guarantee that its patients receive world-class services, Hearing Solution Centers audiology in Tulsa spares no costs in investing in technology and cutting-edge equipment. In one such investment, the facility adopted a game-changing technology called the Cognivue Screening Tool, which is now used for most audiological tests. This ambitious investment not only guarantees accurate results every time but shaves off precious hours from older screening processes. Within a record-setting five minutes, patients can be done with their hearing tests, allowing them to return to their daily activities swiftly.

The Cognivue Screening Tool, now used at Hearing Solution Centers, measures a patient’s memory, visuospatial capacity, and executive function to check for anomalies. After administering a test, a facility’s audiologist Tulsa OK leverages their extensive experience to analyze the results to determine the best way forward. For instance, they may recommend hearing aids, ear wax management treatments, and custom in-ear monitors, among others, to help patients with their hearing problems. If, on the other hand, the specialist establishes that the patient’s problems are symptomatic manifestations of other underlying medical conditions, such as cognitive decline, they liaise with the patient’s other physicians to chart the best course of treatment.

The audiologists from Hearing Solution Centers advise patients to take advantage of their 5-minute Cognivue Screening at least once a year, even without symptoms of impairment. This is because by doing so, they will be able to detect and remedy imminent issues before they worsen and become harder to treat. In the words of a company spokesperson, ” The frequency of tests should depend on lifestyle as well as age. Typically, we recommend an annual hearing evaluation, whether there are signs of hearing loss or not and particularly if you are exposed to noise consistently through work or play.”

Tulsa residents can visit the clinic at 6550 E 71st St # 101, Tulsa, OK, 74133, USA, to undergo the tests. A representative from Hearing Solution Centers is always reachable at (918) 388-6644 for queries. Visit the clinic’s website to find out more about its services.

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