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Attract Clients Online Teaches Life Coaches How to Get 10,000 Leads Per Year

Pamela Bruner is a business coach who is a leading authority in helping life coaches attract high-paying clients. In her program Attract Clients Online, Bruner teaches her clients how to get 10,000 leads per year by targeting people who are searching for coaching services, setting up a lead capture page, and getting the right people to visit that page.

Pamela Bruner has helped myriad life coaches create robust businesses that make real money. Life coaches who have tried to attract clients online or build a funnel that sells life coaching services have almost certainly struggled. There is a way to sell life coaching online, but it’s not what most people think.

By following Bruner’s formula, coaches can attract the right kind of clients who are willing and able to pay for coaching services. Coaches who are serious about building a successful business need to employ the strategies that work to find clients who will value a life coach’s expertise and be willing to pay for coaching services. Pamela Bruner’s Attract Clients Online program is a perfect fit for those who want to build a real, sustainable coaching business.

There are some very important points about how to implement the kind of steps that Bruner outlines. That’s where expert help comes in.

“Get an expert to help you craft your funnel, then learn enough about what makes a good ad and creates good results to be able to know what you need to do,” Bruner says, “Then either do it yourself or hire an inexpensive virtual assistant to push the buttons – because at that point, you’re savvy enough about what’s going on to supervise without doing all the work. If this sounds like a plan, you’ll need to hire an expert to help you know what to do.”

Bruner offers a twelve-week program that helps her clients refine their branding, their offer, and their funnel. She also offers a year-long mastermind program for those who have a passion for their business and want to put into place and perfect the systems that have allowed Bruner to crack the code to earn $1 million per year.

Attract Clients Online clients sing Bruner’s praises.

Coach Christy Nichol, a client enrolled in Bruner’s program, says, “I’m celebrating! My revenue increased 62% over last year. Feeling a wave of excitement and ‘this does work!’”

For more information about Bruner and her work, please visit her website at

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