Rapper Tony DeYoung Is Saying It’s Him Against The World

Boston Massachusetts, United States, 15th May 2022, King NewsWire, On November 27 2017 rapper Tony DeYoung’s life changed forever. After pursuing music and getting nowhere for 15 years Tony finally got his shot on Dr. Phil. Now Tony DeYoung has over 11,100 Subscribers on his Youtube channel and he has gone over 1.6 million all time views on his Youtube channel as well. He has thousands and thousands of comments on all his videos. His Dr. Phil clips have over 20 million views combined. Which is great because believe it or not, all of Dr. Phil videos get this much attention especially in the music cataogory. Tony has over 28,000 Likes and Followers on his Facebook muscians page, and he has thousands and thousands of comments and millions and millions of views. Every time Tony posts in a Facebook group it goes viral and haters surround him and share fake misinformation. People that hate Tony DeYoung have gone as far to create a photo shopped sex offenders report accusing Tony of being a pedophile. Tony DeYoung is nowhere to be found on the sex offenders registry. Tony DeYoung is a known internet troll and it is believed that his haters are trolling him back with fake misinformation to try to sway others away from his music. DJ Silk the major producer and long time friend of Dr. Dre who came out to review Tony DeYoung’s music on Dr. Phil 4 years ago has gone as far to recently acklowedge Tony DeYoung in a couple blogs and press releases about a week ago from this day. But in those articles he calls Tony a wannabe rapper who is an unrelatable writer. As independent artist Tony DeYoung is getting more legitimate attention than probably 90% of these independent artists who aren’t signed to a major label. Tony DeYoung dominates Youtube and Facebook with his social media numbers and how much engagement he is able to garnish is clearly surpassing most independent artists. DJ Silk has a lot of grammy nominations under his belt and he has worked with legends in the music industry but no numbers don’t lie. Tony DeYoung has been featured on Vlad TV website with an article and he has also been featured all over Yahoo and he has been played on Oprah Winfrey Network and he has been on national television with his music for 4 years straight on repeat. Tony has had walls thrown in front of him for trolling his whole music career and he continues to get legitimate attention with all these road blocks in front of him. He has been called every name in the book by his competition and people who hate him for no reason. But still he continues.



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