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The newly released line of home furnishings gives customers looking for practical, attractive items that serve double duty a range of high-quality options at budget-friendly prices. Online retailers Kingsy Store offer home collections, lifestyle products, tech gadgets, entertainment and fitness products and baby and children’s products at competitive prices for optimized value.

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Studies reveal more and more consumers are reprioritizing their values and are making lifestyle choices that are less wasteful. These choices can include practical living spaces that suit consumer needs without placing too much of a strain on energy requirements. In response to this shift, e-com retailers Kingsy Store have updated their home furnishing collections to offer a full range of solutions designed to make spaces more functional.

Currently being featured is the Modern Wall-Mounted Folding White Writing Table with Storage. The unit has plenty of shelving for books, pens, and papers while offering a desk that can accommodate a computer and other study needs. Made from particle board, the unit is wear-resistant, sleek, and offers a floating-style design element. The tabletop can be folded into the wall when needed to maximize space and minimize clutter.

The folding wall-mounted table is suitable for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, studies, and more. The shelving is customizable and comes with an elegant metal lock that keeps the hinged boards closed after use.

Also being featured at Kingsy Store is the Modern Black TV Stand with Cabinet and 2 LED-Lit Console shelves. The unit accommodates a television and provides gadget storage and display areas at either end. Made of superior particle material, the TV stand is strong, durable, and helps keep spaces organized and attractive.

Kingsy Store offers free shipping on all orders in the USA, customer support, and a 30-day exchange policy.

With their recent update in products and home furnishings to offer smart, space-saving items that are as stylish as they are practical, functional, and durable, the founders of Kingsy Store are making it easier and more convenient for their customers to find the double-duty solutions they need at prices they can afford.

Visit https://www.kingsystore.com/products to find out more.

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