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With the new summer season soon approaching, anglers can expect big catches, especially for trout and salmon. Whether one prefers the stable flow at Carman’s River or the wildness of the Cohocton River, summer can be considered one of the most productive times for all types of fishermen. Still, before one steps into their gear, they must first ensure that they have the proper fishing license in New York.

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Fishing For Reel recently released a new report called, “How To Get A New York Fishing License”. It lists down the steps one needs to make to get a commercial or recreational license and discusses where to register online or in person.

Regardless of type or method, all fishing licenses in New York need to go through the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). For convenience, it is recommended to purchase a license online through the DEC website. This is especially suggested for those who want to avoid long lines and crowded places.

When purchasing a license online, anglers first need to create an account with the DEC and provide some personal information. Once an account has been created, they can select the type of license they need and then pay using a credit or debit card. Typically, licenses will be available after a few days.

New York fishing licenses are available for residents and non-residents of the state. A resident license costs $25, while a non-resident license costs $50. Other types of licenses, such as a 7-day non-resident license and a 14-day non-resident license are also available.

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