Raising Healthy Monarch Butterflies Book | Plant/Parasite Expert Guide Released

With her new book, Jeanne hopes to educate readers about the agricultural importance of the monarch butterfly. She explains how people can help boost their populations by raising and releasing them into the wild.

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Jeanne’s book features a step-by-step guide that covers the entire process – from attracting monarchs and collecting their eggs, right up to release. The focus is on raising healthy populations by making readers aware of parasites and diseases that can be easily spread.

A large, bright orange butterfly, the monarch is one of the most recognizable insects on the planet. They are known for their long migration paths of up to 3,000 miles, reaching all the way from British Columbia to central Mexico. Unfortunately, due to climate change and the increased use of insecticides and herbicides, monarch populations are in decline.

After becoming aware of their dwindling numbers, Jeanne started to learn more about these animals to be able to raise them at home. Her experience raising and releasing monarchs inspired the new book, in which she addresses not only the techniques required to raise the butterflies, but also the problems that others may encounter.

With the use of full-color photographs, Jeanne describes which plants readers should have in their garden to attract monarchs. The book also explains what monarch eggs look like, how to find and collect them, and how to care for the insects throughout their development.

Having released over 500 healthy butterflies in the last year, Jeanne has encountered many perils and pitfalls when rearing them. One of the major perils she talks about is the parasite Ophryocystis elektroscirrha, or OE, a spore that infects monarchs and other butterflies while they are developing in the chrysalis. It makes butterflies smaller in size and causes them to have deformed wings and decreased flight endurance.

Jeanne shares her experiences with the OE parasite and other threats to monarchs’ health in hopes that readers will not make the same mistakes.

About Jeanne Megel

Jeanne has been an animal lover all her life and holds a Biology degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University. She has spent her years scuba diving, trekking through the Amazon jungle, and taking courses in shark handling. She now runs classes to teach local groups about raising monarchs.

A satisfied reader said, “This is the most wonderful resource for those interested in raising healthy monarch butterflies in your home garden. This lovely concise professional and easy to follow book will guide you to success in learning how to care for and protect one of the most important pollinators in the world.”

Interested readers can find out more and order the book at https://tinyurl.com/mup9rxn8

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