BBRC x IVY BOYS NFTs by Aaron Chang Sold Out in 30 Minutes

BBRC Ivy Boys 7777 NFT Sold Out

New York City, New York May 12, 2022 ( – IVY BOYS is a limited-edition collection of 7,777 unique NFT Avatars that gives owners exclusive access to the IVY BOYS UNIVERSE.

BBRC Official x IVY BOYS Collection by Aaron Chang went on public sale on May 10th, 5 am EST, and all NFTs were sold out in less than 30 minutes. In a bear market when investors are on the edge, IVY BOYS performed exceptionally well. A total of 7,651 addresses minted 7,777 tokens, with the mint price of 0.1 – 0.12E.

The IVY BOYS NFT collection is inspired by the American Ivy League fashion style and subculture. Each IVY BOY and IVY GIRL is programmatically generated from thousands of possible traits, including headwear, clothing, and more. All are unique, but some are rarer than others. It features a wide range of 2D timeless fashion items, a basic color palette, and an inclusive representation of cultures, genders, and races. The entire IVY BOYS collection comes together to produce a relatable, charming, inclusive, distinctive, and fashionable character.

BBRC Studios is pushing the envelope with a creative edge and social atmosphere that has already won over a massive Twitter (268K) and Discord (108K) community.

“Do I trust this NFT creator or brand?” is the first question that most people ask before investing in an NFT project. The hype has driven the majority of NFT successes to this point. However, the hype is fickle and fleeting. It’s also nearly impossible to quantify. Trust, on the other hand, is what keeps a project going in spite of the bear market. It is the confidence in the team behind BBRC, Aaron Chang, and the IVY BOYS project and the clever approach of having as many IVY BOYS owners as possible with one mint per wallet that drives fan engagement and supports all around the globe.

Holders can also expect to receive exclusive access to IRL private experiences, brand collaborations, merch collections, airdrops, and most importantly, access to the broader BBRC ecosystem to come. The 2022 roadmap has been revealed. Expect the first IRL event in Los Angeles and a Mystery Trunk drop in May.

To thrive in the metaverse, a brand’s real-world narrative must be able to translate into the virtual world; this is something the BBRC strives to accomplish.

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