UK Race Training For Mental Health Therapists | Professional Workshops Announced

With this announcement, Kimberly is providing mental health therapists with the necessary tools they need to feel comfortable speaking to their clients of color about race in their therapy sessions, and how to do so in a way that communicates respect and empathy at all times.

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Now therapists can access high-quality, interactive and engaging training workshops where they will receive actionable information with proven results that are research and theory-based.

The Race In Therapy workshops explores the impact that social and historical racism has on mental health, the concepts of race, privilege and power, and what unconscious bias is and where it comes from. From a therapy perspective, they also discuss empathic and phenomenological approaches, as well as practical tips on how to discuss race in therapy.

Workshop participants will walk away empowered, knowing how to achieve cultural sensitivity and how to relate to their clients of color, without feeling awkward when they speak about race. They will also know how to foster a culture of equality and acceptance in their therapy sessions and help their clients of color feel heard.

They will benefit from practical examples from various experienced psychotherapists and counselors.

A happy workshop client said, “My team at BWW Mind received a superb KaeMoTherapy workshop on diversity and race in early March 2022. My team greatly benefitted from having the platform to discuss how, as mental health professionals, we can confidently and competently explore race and diversity in the therapeutic space.”

About KaeMoTherapy

KaeMoTherapy helps mental health professionals grow their businesses by developing practical skills that will help them work with a diverse range of clients. Founder Kimberley-Anne Evans is an experienced psychotherapist and coach specializing in the impact of race in therapy and empowering female therapists.

KaeMoTherapy is part of the BAATN (The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network).

Kimberley said: “Our content is based on pioneering research, and there isn’t another company doing race training specifically for therapists in mental health organizations. We’re leading in this area. If a mental health organization is looking for training on race for their clinical team, there’s only one place to go!”

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