Nashville TN Infrared Asphalt Repair For Parking Lot Patching | Service Update

The updated infrared asphalt patching service is an on-the-surface process that is widely used in Nashville for both commercial and residential paving solutions. Gaddes Strategic combines the proper expertise and equipment to deliver quality asphalt repair services.

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Infrared asphalt repair is the most efficient approach to repairing damaged asphalt paving. Using the updated service, clients in Nashville, Tennessee, can transform their damaged asphalt into an attractive, smooth surface that makes a positive impression.

Potholes, alligator cracks, and other pavement problems are a nuisance for residential or commercial property owners. The reason is that to reap the benefits of high-quality renters, top-tier customers, and a high volume of traffic from new leads, they would need to be directly responsible for the continuing maintenance or repairs of areas like parking lots and other utilities. Gaddes Strategic presents a professional solution to this.

To begin the infrared asphalt process, Gaddes Strategic’s professionals clear the damaged area of any debris, allowing for a durable repair and proper recurrence prevention. After that, an asphalt infrared machine is used to heat the asphalt surface before any loose debris is taken away and a hot-mix asphalt is applied to the damaged area.

Within minutes of completion, the new asphalt can be ready for use and reopened to the public. Gaddes Strategic’s infrared asphalt repair is best for trench repairs, water rerouting, oil stains, pothole repairs, ADA compliance, speed bump installation, and more.

About Gaddes Strategic LLC

Gaddes Strategic is a Nashville, Tennessee-based road parking lot maintenance company that offers over 60 years of experience in concrete, asphalt, and dump trucking. The company serves several markets in Nashville and surrounding areas, including restaurants, schools, HOAs, places of worship, shopping centers, malls, storage facilities, grocery stores, and more. More details are available at

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our mission is to support you in accurately diagnosing and determining the repairs required for your asphalt surfaces. We strive to perform the project accurately and save you money, whether it’s by repairing trenches to eliminate steel plate expenditures or by completing projects promptly.”

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