Cleveleys Counselor/Psychotherapist Jayne Foster Launches New Private Practice

Jayne Foster brings more than 13 years of experience as a counselor and therapist to the newly launched private practice and offers virtual face to face and voice only sessions using an integrative counselling approach.

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Through her new practice, Jayne Foster will offer various therapy approaches, (e.g. CBT, TA neuroplasticity). For those who want to explore the subconscious, optional guided journey work or dream exploration sessions available, drawing on her knowledge of hypnotherapy.

In 2021, mental health issues accounted for the largest category of disabilities within the United Kingdom. One in four adults in the United Kingdom suffered from some type of mental health issue. Talking therapy and counselling can help to diminish, manage, and in some cases eliminate symptoms and issues of mental health, so clients can gain insight into their thoughts, reflect and process their feelings, and make sense of their responses.

Through her private practice, Jayne Foster works with people of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures, treating a wide range of issues and mental health problems including anxiety, self-esteem, grief, alcohol and drug addiction, and bullying issues for both the victim and bully.

The sessions follow the client-led person-centered counselling model, where the client is viewed as an equal partner in the therapy process and is empowered to lead the direction of the sessions. In sessions with Serenity Counselling, Jayne Foster employs genuine and non-assuming connection methods to relate to clients on an authentic level and helps clients find confidence in themselves to find the answers they need. The initial consultation session is complimentary.

Jayne Foster is an CMA and British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) qualified counselor and hypnotherapist. Foster has been a counselor since 2008. Before establishing Serenity Counseling, she worked with charities and nonprofit organizations and was trained at Oldham Hospital.

She notes, ”I began counselling because at one time I was in a dark place, I thought there was no hope. Until one person believed in me and asked what I wanted, and I decided to live. So profound a gift needed passing forward. I devoted my time to learning how to help others and now if you need it, I could help you”.

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