Workshop Hosting For Profit | Female Empowerment Coach Reveals Pro Tips

For Melody Pourmoradi, creating a profitable business hosting workshops has been a dream come true. The certified empowerment coach trains passionate women to help raise the self-esteem and confidence of little girls all around the world. Driven by her mission to empower female entrepreneurs, she recently published her best tips, “6 Ways to Make Money Hosting Workshops.”

The announcement highlights Pourmoradi’s commitment to helping ladies host their own GiRLiFE workshops in their communities and make a living out of them. She says that women, especially, should have a fulfilling career that feeds them in all aspects of their lives, whether personally or professionally.

She released her pro tips for female entrepreneurs who want to create a business running workshops. The most important question to answer, she clarifies, is “What is my why?”

Without knowing the “why” of the workshop, the program is bound to fail. For Pourmoradi, she knew that she wanted to empower little girls to dream big. A mother of twin girls herself, she dreamt of a better life for her children. Thus, she created GiRLiFE as a way to give her daughters power and agency in their lives.

The same can be said for any workshop, Pourmoradi says. People must first know “why” they want to teach other people. Whatever the reason, it should be powerful enough to ignite a burning passion in the moderator. This is what separates a good workshop from a mediocre one.

It is only after figuring out their “why” can creators decide how they want to conduct their workshop, including whom to market, what materials to bring, and where to hold them.

Melody is an award winning author and has written two books. Her children’s book XOXO from a girl who gets it: Life notes for the young girl within teaches girls how to live a peaceful and happy life. In her newest book, “Empowered Women Empower Girls: A Guide To Modeling Courage, Confidence + Self-Love For Our Next Generation,” she teaches women that’s the clearest path to raising empowered girls is by first looking in the mirror and doing the inner work necessary to nourish themselves first and foremost. Pourmoradi writes, “For me, I took my passion for girl empowerment and I turned it into a viable business that feeds me on all levels-professionally, personally, and financially. If it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you to create an abundant living doing something that adds value to the planet and really nourishes you on a soul level.”

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