PWRBOARD: World’s First Modular Charging Station

San Diego, California April, 2022 – Our modern lifestyles and occupations require a lot of smart, yet charge-needy devices. From our smart phones to our professional cameras or our laptops, each and every one of these gadgets needs cords and charges so they can be used continuously. On average a 2-person household has up to 20 different devices with different charging systems, thus cord and charger management and storage is a problem we all encounter in our daily lives.  Furthermore, these devices not only take up a lot of space, but we also run into the likelihood of forgetting to bring them along when we travel or work outside of our home or office.

The PWRBOARD is here to the rescue! It is a modular universal charging device to fit your everyday business or personal needs. The all-in-one charger has a convenient and versatile design. The smart design is safe for your batteries, is easy to use and because it allows for a reduction of electrical waste, it is also planet-friendly. This universal charger is guaranteed to be your perfect travel companion as it finally ends the frustration of messy cables and saves you from the hassle of packing and unpacking your chargers while on the go. The broad range of pre-built modules will support more than 200 of the most popular devices including the latest-gen tech from brands like Canon, Sony, DJI and GoPro.

The PWRBOARD is made out of two main components – the base and the modules, both come in different sizes and variations. The innovative in-house developed base has a comparable functionality to that of a motherboard inside a computer. It is a high efficiency power supply unit that regulates and transmits power to the modules. Once turned on, electricity flows through the custom designed power grid located inside the board, which ensures that every connected module gets enough power. Modules can be easily attached and detached onto the board using a custom patent-pending quick-release mount. This innovative easy to use design allows users to combine modules in any way they like – the combination possibilities are endless!

The PWRBOARD was designed with many business sectors in mind. From the millions of online creators and influencers all around the world to amateur or professional photographers who are always on the go, the PWRBOARD will suit their everyday charging needs. The modular charger is  a lifesaver for vital sectors such as hospitals and security companies which have many different devices that need to stay charged continuously. Businesses such as retail, logistics and hardware also need smart charging solutions to make their businesses grow. The PWRBOARD will help all these and many more businesses to organize and charge their equipment regardless of the brand, type and application.

Advanced Charging Solutions Inc. is the company behind the innovative PWRBOARD and they are proud to have partnered with Indiegogo on their crowdfunding campaign. For more info and to become a backer of this amazing revolutionary product, please check out their page at