Dayana Inc. Celebrates 5 Years of Bringing Natural Pain Relief to Clients

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Dayana Inc.

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DOYLESTOWN, PA., May 5, 2022 – Since 2017, Dayana Inc. has helped thousands of chronic-pain sufferers reclaim an active, pain-free lifestyle through an innovative system of precision movement techniques known as the Feldenkrais Method(R) and personalized client education.

Since launching Dayana Inc., founder Dayana Pereira, a certified Feldenkrais Method practitioner, has been addressing the underlying cause of a client’s pain through sensory movement therapy. Pereira has improved clients’ lives by educating and instructing them on regenerative movement techniques that build an agile and pain-free nervous system.

The premise of the Feldenkrais Method presumes the brain can initiate pain and map it to an injury, even after the injury has healed. “Because the body and brain are symbiotic,” Pereira said, “people can unlearn that pain through strategic movement, retraining the brain to regenerate healthy neural pathways.” She develops individualized treatment plans that teach clients how to move and breathe to prevent pain and increase vitality, agility and mobility. Her client outcomes speak for themselves.

After a few weeks of regenerative therapy, her diverse clientele experienced significantly decreased pain and increased core strength and range of motion. Pereira alleviated persistent pain in one particular client suffering from an acute neck injury. The therapy restored his balance and walking stability. Another client, after three treatments, experienced significantly less back pain caused by thoracic spine nerve damage.

Armed with renewed strength and vigor, many of Pereira’s clients resume old hobbies and activities, such as pickleball, tennis, golf, and hiking. They also experience increased endurance and elevated stamina through simple body mechanics and gentle manipulation. Their quality of life significantly improved without the need for risky surgeries, expensive prescriptions, adverse side effects, or pilgrimages to fleeting relief.

Elizabeth Pitcairn, the CEO of the Luzerne Music Center in New York and renowned classical violinist, had a transformative experience working with Pereira, which impacted her professional and musical performance:

“Our work together has helped me to be a much better CEO and have a very efficient, friendly atmosphere at work with staff. Musically, you’ve helped me raise my playing to a whole new level that transcends anything I had done before, healed some past injuries, and brought out a new musical approach that I’ll be using for the next 20 years.”

Since its inception, Dayana Inc. has worked with people of all professional backgrounds, ages, and physical dysfunctions. Pereira has found her therapy particularly effective with professionals and teams in high-pressure, desk-bound roles who are subject to chronic stress, fatigue and pain.

“My passion for moving people from surviving to thriving runs deep,” Pereira said. “Teaching clients to relearn how to move without pain and systematically find vitality is my mission. Outcomes show it works.”

About Dayana Inc.:

Dayana Inc. is a leading pain relief and wellness practice in suburban Bucks County, Pa., just north of Philadelphia. Founder, Dayana Pereira, has devised revolutionary, cost-effective, scientific approaches based on the Feldenkrais Method that eliminate chronic pain and stress in sufferers. Dayana Inc. now serves more than 1000 clients across five continents.

About Dayana Pereira:

A certified Feldenkrais Method practitioner and coach since 2009, Pereira continually advances her regenerative therapeutic competencies to develop the latest innovative practices to support her clients’ health and active lifestyles. Her studies in quantum mechanics, neurobiology and meditation reinforce her revolutionary movement strategies. She has designed and refined many of them into a series of targeted treatments that eliminate clients’ chronic pain and compromised movement.

About the Feldenkrais Method:

The science and intent behind the Feldenkrais Method is the reorganization of connections between a client’s brain and body, thereby improving body movement and psychological state. Pereira’s non-invasive therapies, somatic treatments and sophisticated practices integrate subtle maneuvers that rewire the brain and re-educate the body and mind to reduce pain and establish enduring results. She calls it the “Formula for High Performance.”

To learn more about this innovative healing process and clients’ renewing pain-free living, please visit Dayana Inc. at the Franklin Building in Doylestown, 16 N. Franklin St., Suite 201 B., or call 1 (267) 990-7356.

Dayana Inc.
Dayana Inc.
16 North Franklin Street
Suite 201 B
United States

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