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Toronto, Canada – There’s an infatuation with a new buzzword that has all the venture capitalists, gamers and techies giddily updating their Twitter bios: WEB3. WEB3 isn’t an update to ones Chrome, Facebook, or Playstation 5 that adds a nifty new “give us all your data” button. It’s a statement, a movement. In the early days of the internet, the team saw this innovation of “free information to all” if only one could sort through all the chaos. This gave raise to the corporate suits, like Moses parting the seas, giving Tiny Colony order and accessibility of Web 2.0. However, this came with a cost in the form of personal data and excessive single sided monetization. Gaming giants seized the opportunities of Web 2.0 and have developed an intricate network to track all ones gaming data to ensure they keep shoveling that hard earned fiat into their wallets in the form of skins, in-game assets, unlocks, etc. Insert Web 3.0, a solution to give the power back to the people.

With the dawning of a new internet age, the team sees an induction of amazing technological advancements combining cryptocurrency and gaming. The idea of incentivizing with “play-to-earn” has completely blindsided the traditional business models in the gaming industry. There’s no stopping the DeFi gaming markets from shifting the power and ownership back into the gamer’s hands. With no signs of slowing down and so many opportunities to join in, the potential then boils down to which game and blockchain has the most promise.

With the explosive popularity of Axie Infinity, the team saw entire populations earning more income in a single day than an entire month, just by playing a video game. Play-to-earn games shouldn’t feel like a job though, grinding away to make ones wage. The Axie ecosystem is designed to allow users to monetize their efforts while playing; however, the team sees some limitations and room for improvement with their ecosystem. With the gas fees soaring on Ethereum how can one possibly make a profit?

Important factors missing from play-to-earn gaming are a balanced and rewarding ecosystem, rich story, multiple game modes, inexpensive blockchain, and to simply put it…having fun. Tiny Colony, a Solana based NFT game, aims to accomplish just that. Backed by major developers iLogos (Angry Birds 2, Simpsons: Tapped out) and Fractal Marketplace (Twitch cofounder), Tiny Colony is worth exploring their new concept of a “Play-AND-Earn” modality. Hosted on Solana, this provides lightning fast transactions, negligible gas fees, and a scalable network.

Tiny Colony has increased in popularity in the Solana ecosystem, known for its spectacularly pixelated artwork and amazing Discord community. A gamer can easily identify with any one of the numerous factions that coincides a complex story that would make George R.R. Martin blush. The team behind Tiny Colony aims to deliver a gaming experience beyond the “battle breeders” like Axie Infinity. However, one better believe that Tiny Colony will have all the bells and whistles of blockchain gaming including breeding, battles, earning, rewards, DAO, NFT staking, and full user governance. It’s what they are doing different that separates them from the herd and to become the “Axie of Solana.” Providing the gamers a choice, a balanced ecosystem, and preserving all the traditional gaming elements.

Tiny Colony’s first anticipated game mode is the Construction & Management Base Builder, refreshingly similar to Oxygen Not Included or Fallout Shelter. Being an NFT heavy game, the need for a solid launchpad partnership was fulfilled by Fractal Marketplace. This partnership allows for accessibility, a transparent and safe marketplace, and seamless integration into the game.

Having raised $5 million from their IDO and Colony NFT sale, they are building a solid core team that includes an EA Game Producer that worked on Mass Effect, FIFA, and Need for Speed, a Film Producer, Screenwriters, award winning Artists, and seasoned blockchain veterans, Tiny Colony is geared towards transforming the Solana Ecosystem into GameFi greatness.

Where pixel meets pavement. Aside from a Free to Play version, when the first play-and-earn game mode launches, players can integrate their Colony & Character NFTs and start building a complex underground humanoid ant colony. Strategically farming, mining, hatching larva and defending ones colony is the type of gameplay traditional gamers demand. One can integrate multiple NFTs into the game that can enhance their colony, earn XP, and increase their earnings. Develop a completely unique and custom colony and unlock value as it achieves maximum potential while having fun. Other game modes being developed by iLogos are Battle Arena, Gladiator Wars, and Tiny Wars. These game modes will have Character NFTs from nine different factions/categories that need to be trained and enhanced to win mass amounts of loot and dominate the leaderboards.

An ambitious schedule for 2022. Tiny Colony has already demonstrated promise with a successful NFT release, where 11,547 Colony NFTs were sold on Fractal Marketplace. Following this up with another sale of 10,000 Character NFTs on Fractal Marketplace which will allow players to collect and own their assets.

2022 presents a very busy year for the team, which shares a full release for the Construction & Management mode, Battle Arena, and development of an anime series based on the lore of the game.

Join their Discord for up to date information, whitelist information, Character NFT sale here, exclusive giveaways and perks, and an incredible community that will surely welcome one with grace.

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