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While AIM 4 Recovery is primarily an alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation clinic, they also offer a drug testing service to organizations across nearby communities. By offering a variety of different tests, they can provide either instant results or lab-quality testing, depending on the needs of the client.

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The updated solutions can be used for several reasons, including pre-employment screening, random employee testing, and making up for missing a test elsewhere. They also allow clients to self-test, or to have samples from a consenting family member checked.

The most commonly used drug tests include a 7-panel test with creatinine, an 8-panel test with oxycodone, and an ETG panel, though other tests are also available on request. The AIM 4 Recovery staff collects the urinalysis test samples and sends them to a laboratory for testing, including the proper documentation and following the required chain of custody procedures.

The rehabilitation center also offers a full range of recovery services, including intensive outpatient treatment for teenagers and adults, which allows clients to maintain their work and education-related responsibilities while still receiving the highest level of care.

While still living at home and attending work or school, patients can attend morning, afternoon, or evening treatment sessions. The program also includes three group sessions per week, each of which is three hours long. The treatment sessions for adults and teenagers are separate, with a maximum of 10 patients at a time, and occur on different days.

Outpatient programs make use of several types of evidence-backed treatments to offer the best chance of long-lasting success. Patients will have both group and individual therapy sessions, group cognitive behavioral therapy, and holistic wellness sessions that may include yoga, healthy exercise, and mindfulness education.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We genuinely care for each of our clients. Our team of compassionate experts are here to listen and guide you through this process and help aim you in the right direction.”

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