ESL Family Learning Software | Multilingual Literacy Instruction Program Updated

This update adds a unique software solution for ESL learning to the company’s range of services, which currently include instructional programs for individuals, non-profits, prisons, and corporations.

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The Family Learning Company’s update will provide a resource to help non-English-speaking families improve their language skills for work, school, or after moving to an English-speaking country.

Its software provides adequate learning based on the concept of family literacy, making it possible for family members to serve as pillars of support to each other during the learning process.

The Family Learning Company’s software is open to users of different ages and levels of English understanding, including pre-k, elementary, middle school, high school students, and adults.

By emphasizing multi-generational considerations during the development of its educational content, the company’s software team has compiled a vast library of learning material, with over 9,700 activities and unique content.

The Family Learning Company’s software also builds upon proven multilingual literacy approaches to learning a new language by using both English and Spanish languages in its content.

The company’s software emphasizes multisensory instruction by using a blend of auditory and visual input to provide users with a premium experience. This includes content comprising phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and writing.

Users can set goals as individuals or as a team. Family members can also share progress reports and keep up with the progress of other members.

About the Company

Based in Cambridge, MA, The Family Learning Company develops educational material for math, English, and other subjects. Its CEO, Jon Bower, and President, Peter Dublin, have years of experience in several areas of education, including curriculum development, language assessment, and teacher training. Further details on the company are available here:

A spokesperson said, “Family learning programs achieve better outcomes by having parents help their children to stick with their education until they are fully literate. Children also help their parents if they are not yet literate. That is why we built the world’s first family learning software that is available to use anytime, anywhere and provides thousands of learning activities to share and master.”

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