Christian Novel Writing Workshop 2022 | Faith-Based Intensive Class Announced

The association is particularly proud to be collaborating with Bell, an award-winning fiction and thriller author, frequent contributor to Writer’s Digest, college creative writing professor and the acclaimed mind behind a suite of popular writing books. These include ‘How to Write Dazzling Dialogue’, ‘Super Structure’, and ‘How to Make a Living as a Writer.’

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The announcement of the workshop coincides with the latest literary market figures. According to The Creative Penn, the market for Christian books is now in excess of $1.2 billion, representing more than 10% of the U.S. publishing market in total. The same report indicated that Christians generally spend more money on books than the average American reader.

As such, Northwest Christian Writers Association wants to help Christian-minded authors learn from a true literary master so that they can reach this thriving market of Christian readers.

The May 19 session is to be held completely online, making it accessible for all Christian writers. The intensive 6 hour session is titled ‘Writing a Novel They Can’t Put Down’.

Areas that will be covered in the seminar include the essential principles of plot, how to find a balance between structure and free-flowing imagination, how to create unforgettable characters and how to ‘supercharge’ scenes. Interested writers will also get to learn James Scott Bell’s secret of ‘writing from the middle’.

Northwest Christian Writers Association welcomes writers of all experience levels, educational backgrounds, styles and ability levels to the workshop. In order to maximize the expertise Bell has to offer they recommend that writers arrive with a prepared piece. This can be a standalone short but preferably it will be an extract from a more fully developed novel-length project.

The goal of the workshop is to help writers craft books that are truly unforgettable and will really strike a chord with a Christian audience.

Northwest Christian Writers Association comprises an expansive team of passionate volunteer board members and a large community of Christian writers. Their mission is to empower faithful writers to deliver their messages of hope and devotion, and to help them to truly honor God through the written word.

A spokesperson for the association said of the May 19 event, “In this six-hour session James Scott Bell will guide writers through deepening and widening book manuscript in a way that will attract readers and make more fans. It’s time to put the manuscript or idea through its paces!”

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