Boca Raton FL | EDM Dance Festival | Folklore/Mythology Fashion Theme Announced

The event is taking place at Sunset Cove Amphitheater, with festivities kicking off in the afternoon and continuing well into the night. The lineup that has been announced so far features a mix of local and national electronic talent that inspires dance and powerful vibes. Highlights include Kleøpatra, Kittrix, DJ Mascari, their rising star resident singer, Zoey, Impulse Live, Lawr (b2b) the Archaeologist, Leslie Tran Sound, Ascendance, and more to come.

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The event information and ticket sales have been announced as people set their travel arrangements and lock in their plans for the summer music festival scene. Not just a music festival, but a fashion, arts, and cultural destination, Grimoire Academy is proud to announce their new addition to southern Florida’s lively festival circuit.

With a history in large-scale themed festivals and events, the organizers are delivering a distinctive whimsical touch to Elysian-inspired festival grounds. The theme is Ancient Mythology – a movement that unlocks and reveals the passion for the human past that many love deeply.

Beyond the musical experience, Grimoire Academy’s festivals are about friendship, fashion, festival culture, and dance. Their vision is to bring folkloric ideologies to life through an elaborate community-focused call for artistic self-expression; it embodies the natural beauty of the great outdoors in cooperation with the extravagance of costume or fashion worn by attendees.

One may discover an imaginative inspiration for fashion and dance this summer by attending one of these events, since the energy is unique and accepting – ticket sale information may be found on the Grimoire website or their ticket service page:

Grimoire Academy believes that music festivals should always sustain a caring and loving environment; they should allow attendees to live their truth through inhabiting dreamlike, fairytale worlds. It is a space embedded within a rich community of like-minded music enthusiasts and ravers that find self-expression, artistic peace, love, rave, and happiness in a safety-focused, professional environment.

Channeling the playful, creative, and communal rave energy of festival culture with inspirations from the early movements of the 1960s, the promoters have planned to bring a super-sized festival back to Boca Raton’s shores after several quiet Covid years.

Grimoire Academy is a festival and events firm that is passionate about spotlighting the best up-and-coming elements of festival culture and sustaining a US-wide EDM community.

A spokesperson for the promoters said, “Our themes are balanced by festivals and vibes, dance, and friendships. It is about creating a world together. Derived from imagination, the possibilities are really endless, actually; I don’t know if anyone has ever done it this way before. It is our formula. You have to spice it up with your own unique Fashion! Everyone fits in here. We’re human+ friendly – all backgrounds should join us as long as they’re kind to others!”

More information is available at or attendees can learn more by watching their 2021 teaser:

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