AI Grading Technology For Diamond Engagement Rings – A New Standard Announced

With the latest announcement, Rare & Forever(R) is offering customers a higher standard of ethically sourced and objectively graded natural diamonds.

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All Rare & Forever(R) Natural Diamonds are graded with the latest AI technology to ensure transparency, quality, and accuracy. The brand provides a detailed grading report which includes the four Cs: clarity, color, carat, and cut, as well as an added feature that shows the consumer the light performance of their diamond. Rare & Forever(R) also pre-screens for no BGM (brown, green, or milky hues/tints) giving customers a brighter & prettier diamond.

With its rigorous selection and screening process, the brand’s diamond grading is mathematically accurate. For extra security, each Rare & Forever(R) natural diamond has a permanent ionic inscription and a grading report to match.

Rare & Forever(R) Natural Diamonds proudly celebrates all love stories and strongly believes everyone should have the most beautiful diamond that reflects their love. To provide customers with diamond engagement rings of maximum sparkle and brilliance, it only carries Very Good and Excellent cut natural diamonds.

Although Rare & Forever(R) Natural Diamonds are not available for online purchase, interested customers can book a virtual consultation with one of the brand’s experts. The consultation serves to familiarize the customer with the Rare & Forever(R) Natural Diamonds brand, ensuring they make an educated decision.

About Rare & Forever(R) Natural Diamonds

The brand added a fifth C, which stands for community, by partnering with several charities that benefit local communities. It donates to C.U.R.E. – an association that supports children with cancer and/or who suffer from a chronic blood disorder and their families, and Diamonds Do Good – a not-for-profit organization that provides funding for education programs in countries that manufacture diamonds.

A spokesperson for the brand said: “Diamonds are a rare and timeless symbol of someone’s personal or shared life journey. Whatever your story is, mark it with a Rare & Forever(R) diamond. Our diamond is more than just a diamond, it’s a symbol of inclusivity, diversity, and love of all kinds – a true reflection of you and all your facets.”

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