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Sapio Sciences Announce Free-to-Use Flow Cytometry Quality Evaluation Tool

Sapio Sciences announced the release of their newest tool for evaluating the quality of flow cytometry data. Additionally, with this revelation, consumers will learn that this tool is absolutely free to use.

Numerous labs are currently using flow cytometry data in their research and development endeavors. Sapio Sciences clients frequently employ Flow inside the Sapio Informatics platform Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), and they have voiced a need for tools to aid in reviewing flow data, since this activity consumes a significant amount of time and effort, stymieing their discovery efforts.

Sapio’s roots are in machine learning, and the company leverages that knowledge in a variety of fields, including flow cytometry data analytics inside its ELN platform. Sapio Sciences, for example, automates the gating of FCS data, alleviating one of the most time-consuming activities associated with flow data analytics.

Sapio Sciences provides users with the option to check the quality of their flow data on the website linked below, absolutely free of charge. Sapio Sciences has also included an example of a flow result. To use this programme, users just send Sapio their FCS file(s), up to three at a time, and it will email the final HTML file in zipped format. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Sapio Sciences does not maintain any FCS files and that they are utilised just to provide these findings for the end user.

Several of the quality control analytics that it employs to assess the various aspects of the users’ FCS files are as follows: The flow rate, the acquisition of the signal, and the dynamic range. This quality control evaluation allows the discovery and elimination of irregularities in a user’s FCS file.

Sapio Sciences is a market leader in Laboratory Management, Electronic Lab Notebooks, and Knowledge Management. Sapio LIMS allows scientists to set up the LIMS fast and easily for their data and workflow tracking needs without contacting or involving IT.

To learn more about Sapio Science or to get its free flow cytometry data analysis tool, visit the following URL:

Sapio Sciences LLC
Sapio Sciences LLC
400 East Pratt Street
St 800
United States

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