Year: 2022

  • British Socialite Comes To Turkey For ‘Teeth Tourism’

    Muratpasa, Antalya, Turkey, 31st Dec 2022 – One of the forces in health tourism success is Turkey dental health services. The interest of the British jet society in Turkey, which stands out in this field especially from the point of view of European countries, is very great. Although there are prominent studies on aesthetic issues, especially hair […]

  • Safemoon 1996 is bringing back meme coin hype to the cryptocurrency world

    United States, 31st Dec 2022 – In the latest development, Safemoon 1996 brings meme coin hype back to the cryptocurrency world by introducing a coin market cap website for meme coins that will change how people interact and find projects. The crypto platform Safemoon1996 serves as the revolutionary new cryptocurrency created by crypto influencer “Gubbins.” […]

  • M&A ROXCE Capital & SKYMATIC Expected to launch COGI Dex in Q1.2023

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 31st Dec 2022 – With the slogan: “Passion 2 Innovation”, ROXCE Capital has gradually developed a perfect ecosystem and looked for potential partners to join hands and carry out the global Blockchain/Crypto Community’s ambition. On November 5, 2022 at GEM Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, ROXCE Capital and AIVO Venture […]

  • Boston UK Experienced Ankle Pain Relief Consultant Expands Clinic, No Wait List

    Though ankle injuries are almost always non-life-threatening, they often cause significant pain and can make it difficult or impossible for injured people to go about their daily routines. This new fast-access program launched by MSK Doctors helps those suffering from an injury to skip the waiting list and get immediate access to the care they […]

  • Maxbroker Announces Platform Launch

    Singapore, December 31, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – –, a company that combines the cryptocurrency market with portfolio management, crypto holding, trading, and diversification, has launched its platform. Maxbroker employs technology to bring “the future to live” in the financial markets industry.’s technology is one stand-out feature. It is designed to eliminate, to a […]

  • Utah 1 Percent Real Estate Model: “Discount” Realty Franchise Expands

    1 Percent Lists announce an expansion of their discount realty model into Utah, offering real estate sellers access to a cost-effective solution to sell their property and minimize their fees. More details can be found at The announcement comes as an innovative alternative to traditional real estate models, which typically involve seller fees of […]

  • Denver, CO 1-Percent Real Estate Agency: New Discount Brokerage For Sellers

    1 Percent Lists, one of the fastest-growing real estate brands in the US, has announced its expansion into Colorado. The brand’s Greenwood Village franchise offers a way for sellers to save thousands in fees, as their total commissions are reduced by over 50%. More details can be found at 1 Percent Lists has introduced […]

  • 2023 Karmic Coaching For Women Entrepreneurs: Astrology Readings New Year Launch

    The recently launched 2023 astrological forecast package includes a detailed summary of what each month will bring to women, especially in the areas of finance and career. Peretz determines the general planetary alignments for the year and cross-matches them with the client’s natal chart. In doing so, she creates a personalized review of what the […]

  • Webb City, MO Real Estate Broker: 1% Seller’s Commission Model Announced

    1 Percent Lists expands its disruptive “discount real estate” model to sellers in Webb City and throughout Missouri, offering a 1% commission model that halves traditional selling costs. More details can be found at With the announcement, the brand brings sellers an opportunity to reduce commissions by 50% and save thousands in the process. […]

  • Huangpu-Mining Announces Potential Supply of Traceable Battery Raw Materials

    The business is attempting to increase both its operational and supply capacities Guangzhou, Guangdong Dec 30, 2022 ( – Huangpu Mining (ISIN: CN0397106583), a pioneering cobalt mining company in China whose vision is to become a new mining benchmark company, delivering value and tangible benefits to its shareholders, partners, and the community in which it […]